Shirley Evans
    (January 12, 1945 – August 22, 2021)

    Shirley Evans passed away on August 22, 2021 after a short battle with cancer. She was born to Pete and Irene Penner on January 12, 1945 in Bassano, Alberta, Canada. She worked in Calgary and Vancouver and met her husband Larry who was a U.S. citizen. Shirley moved to the U.S. where her and Larry were married.

    Shirley worked as admin for Larry in his business in California and pursued real estate for 20 years. Then, they moved to Nevada where she worked in the office at the Eldorado in Reno. Her husband, Larry Evans, died of cancer in 2006. After that, Shirley decided to go on the move by purchasing a motorhome and being a work camper in various places; Texas, Arizona, and South Dakota.

    Shirley leaves behind two sisters, Bonnie (Terry) Neigum and Diana McKinnon; one brother, Dale Penner; as well as numerous nieces and nephews. 38p