Young stock contractor continues to provide top notch bulls for national events


Brooks Bulletin

Dillon Tateson, a young stock contractor from Tilley, continues to provide top notch bucking bulls to Alberta rodeos and national events.
In just about six years the 21-year-old has grown his name and his stock to the point that he is providing bulls for all levels of competition.
About three years ago Tateson and two other contractors who wanted to buck their bulls put on a local non-sanctioned show.
In 2023, which was a big year for Tateson and Kyle Larson who is the contractor of Kinky Bucking Bulls, started to work with the PBR on an event in memory of Larson’s young son Kyle who was lost in a car accident in July 2022.
“We had great success with it last year (2023) and so we figured this year, we’d bump it up and go with the same organization and just switch up the facility,” he said.
The event was switched to the Centennial Regional Arena from the Silver Sage to accommodate more people.
“I like the Silver Sage. I use it quite a bit but for the size of the event it (Centennial) worked quite well,” he said.
In 2023 Tateson and his bulls attended about 15 bullridings and rodeos which saw Far Too Filthy and Razor’s Edge as part of the PBR Finals in Edmonton, Far Too Filthy in the 2023 Canadian Finals Rodeo in Red Deer and his lifelong dream of the Calgary Stampede.
“That’s probably the highest accomplishment in Canada for rodeo. That’s cool,” said Tateson of the Red Deer event.
This season he estimated that he, along with Larson, will provide stock for up to 15 bullriding events and seven rodeos including this Wednesday’s Bullapalooza.
The third annual Bullapalooza will include 10 of Tateson’s bucking bulls.
“At my young age and the success of what I’ve accomplished, there’s not much more I could wish upon myself to date.
“I’m just happy to be going to all these bullridings and rodeos. You always want to do more and do better but it’s just baby steps. I’m pretty content up to this point.
“I’d just like to keep growing, I guess.”