Vendors pleased with trade show environment, says chamber president


Brooks Bulletin

Final numbers are being tallied from the weekend’s annual Brooks and District Chamber of Commerce Trade Show but comments confirm it was a good show.
Chamber president Cindy Slenders said it’s believed they are right about where they were last year based on ticket numbers.
She said the event at the JBS Canada Centre housed about 200 vendors which is more than last year.
“The majority of vendors are very pleased with the few changes that we made, one of which was a vendors lounge,” she said.
The lounge was for vendors who manned a booth alone.
Slenders said comments received included that it was a warmer, more welcoming environment than in the past.
“Out of town vendors have noticed it’s very much a community event with people stopping to visit and it’s really easy to engage people in conversation which speaks very highly of our community.”
The chamber will evaluate this year’s event and begin working on the 2020 trade show which Slenders is hoping will include a food court which has been requested by community members.
“We have to work with the JBS Canada Centre to figure out how we may be able to incorporate something like that,” she said.
Slenders said she would like to somehow involve the food trucks.
“Maybe the trade show could be the kick off to the food trucks that go out into the community.”
Another change could be shortening the hours on Friday night by two hours so fans can attend the Brooks Bandits hockey game. For the last couple of years the Bandits happened to be playing during the first night of the show.
“We are going to take a look and seriously evaluate all that stuff.
“It’s really too early to tell exactly what we’re going to do because we have to give it some very serious consideration and evaluate the feedback from our vendors,” she said.