Thankful for great emergency service


Editor, The Bulletin;
Today I visited the emergency department at the Brooks Hospital. It was very busy . Every employee that I encountered was courteous, efficient and working hard. The registered nurse who triaged me and the lady who admitted me were very professional.
When each one – nurses, technicians took me to the treatment room and performed tests–like blood tests taken by a lovely lab technician, x -rays by the X-ray technician , they were apologetic for the time it was taking. I knew that they were really busy with serious cases , even involving tiny children. I could hear those dear babies crying.
The doctor took care to do the tests he knew would be essential for diagnosing me and he was very pleasant in the process. It took me back to June 3 , 2019 . A truck driver had failed to stop at three stop signs and accelerated as he raced across the Highway 1 at the JBS crossing in front of a box truck trying to turn left. The crossing truck hit my husband’s big SUV as we were heading east to Brooks. It hit the driver’s side, killing Don instantly and injuring me severely. Paramedics took me to the Brooks emergency unit where the doctors, nurses and technicians all dropped everything else going on to keep me alive. They prepared me for the trip on the Stars Helicopter and all the other patients in the emergency department waited.
They gave their appointment time to me and waited. As I waited today I thought of that day, even though I was out-cold while I was in the Brooks Emergency Department that June 3, 2019.
I want people, every one of you, who keep the Brooks Hospital and Emergency going , working hard, being smart and professional, kind and understanding to know that it was my privilege to wait today for the people ahead of me to be treated. And I feel very blessed to have had my turn to be treated first that June 3 , 2019 day.
We are all very blessed to have such a beautiful, modern facility and tremendously talented people to treat us. Thank you very much .
Louise Alberts,
Brooks, Alta.