Special taxes approved by county council


Brooks Bulletin

County council approved three special tax rates including a reduction for ratepayers in Scandia.
Each year the county adds the tax to the role for each ratepayer to help pay for the services of raw water irrigation.
Rolling Hills residents will continue to pay $100, residents in Scandia will pay $60 from last year’s $75 rate.
“We’re trying to pass on some benefits to those who have been hit rather significantly with local improvement tax levies,” said Layne Johnson, the county’s director of corporate services.
A third special tax was approved for the DA Subdivision south east of Cassils which houses a county-owned public utility facility.
Landowners within the subdivision are moving towards a homeowners association (HOA) which has included costs.
Once the association is established the county will transfer title of the public utility lot to the association to give them control.
The bylaw is just to recover the costs that have been incurred for proceeding with the process.
“It’s only going to be this year. Once it’s complete we won’t have any further obligation to it,” said Johnson.
The total amount is $3,500 to establish the HOA.
The lot will be transferred to a non-profit association so a land value was not presented.