Observations on solar expansion


Editor, The Bulletin;
Contentions presented regarding this were: visual, farmland, land rights and taxes From a mile or two away I doubt you can tell the difference between a solar farm and a highway . All the thousands of people living on streets can tell its a highway all the time.
Farmland -are your acreages built on former agriculture land? Are our schools and hospitals built on agricultural land? How about all those roads that are absolutely vital for everyone?
Land rights-why do you think your rights supersede your neighbours’?
Did your occupancy of your acreage come about because you got that money from someone else or some resource? How many of those people who directly or indirectly allow you to occupy your land are ever going to own an acreage?
How many of the people in Brooks who are struggling to feed their children would love to work on solar installations?
County tax revenue is a small part of the total tax picture. Every job created is going to be paying taxes and creating more businesses that are creating more taxes.
The future of oil in Alberta is looking gloomier every day and we need alternatives now.

Dan Boss,
Brooks, Alta.