NRSC’s March waterline repair comes in at $80,000


Brooks Bulletin

The repair along the main waterline that runs between Rosemary and Bassano in March cost Newell Regional Service Corporation about $80,000.
In his utilities report to city council last Monday councillor Bill Prentice said although NRSC took a financial hit no one was out of water during the five days of repair.
“It kind of tested the system to see how things were going to work when we do have a major break,” he said.
At the time of the incident, NRSC staff and members realized there had to be improved communications to the municipalities for their water users about breaks.
The result of the break is better communication to the water users through the municipalities.
Prentice reported there have been about 10 water hookups per month to the regional water line.
At county council on Thursday Mark Harbicht, the director of municipal services, said there have been some new installations but just about 75 per cent of county residents are connected.
In Brooks’ world of recycling, there has been more cardboard collected this year than last, however, the price dropped to $40 per tonne.
“It costs $70 per tonne to get it ready to go and that doesn’t include the collection and pick up costs,” he said.
Although cardboard is down in price, CFB Shilo is helping with Newell Recycling’s budget. The 1 Wing facility sends their plastic shell casings to the local area for recycling.
“The army pays us fairly well so the 2018 budget worked out pretty well for the more cardboard less money. It’s really not too bad,” he said.
As for the landfill, Prentice said it is starting to receive contaminated soils, special wastes that has come from Calgary, such as asbestos, and items from Siksika Nation’s clean up the 2013 flood, all of which help with the bottom line of the budget.