Newell Housing investigating creation of hospice space


Brooks Bulletin

The Newell Housing Foundation is in the early stages of determining whether or not they can create a space for hospice care in Newbrook Lodge.
Foundation CAO Sasha Loewen said the idea came from a board member who felt that there was a need for a hospice room that was not in a hospital.
“At end of life there are people and families who are not comfortable being in a hospital, so we thought it might fill a gap in our area,” she said.
Loewen, who has had personal experiences with hospice care situations, said it was nicer than a hospital.
“It was a nicer environment to go into. It’s very welcoming and warm. Larger rooms accommodate families without the rules of a hospital,” she said.
One experience allowed a pet to be taken into the room which would not be allowed in a hospital.
She said right now there are many unknowns related to creating the space but it will begin with Alberta Health Services.
“I imagine there would have to be some kind of agreement with Alberta Health to get the health care that is needed into the space,” she said.
“I believe there is a need in the community. If we can get the right partners on board I think it’s a possibility,” she said.
With many people staying at their home as long as they can and home Scare available, there are 20 vacant rooms in the 148 room facility.