Majority of fire alarms failed in final inspections


Brooks Bulletin

During a six month period in final building inspections Park Enterprises recorded a 70 per cent failure rate in fire alarms throughout its service area.
Park Enterprises is the county’s building inspector and though the specific number was not recorded for local inspections there were some failures.
The internal study was the first time the company recorded the information.
Nicole Paggett, director of client partnerships at Park Enterprises said they will be keeping improved statistics in 2020 but they do know there has to be more education.
“Now they’re working on educating people and making sure those things are looked at and that people are aware of the importance of building inspections.” Maria Jackson, the county’s supervisor of planning and development said.
“Its projects like these that demonstrate the importance of obtaining construction permits and having the required inspections done,” she said
“It’s projects like this that really show why permits and inspections are important and we want to help people understand the importance of construction permits,” she said.
She said there has been a lot of construction permit compliance in the county but there are a few outstanding.
In 2019, 34 new lots were created across the county within 23 subdivision applications. Some applications included multiple lots.
The county also reviewed 97 development permits and approved the solar facility near Tilley.
Jackson said there have been inquiries from other solar companies seeking information on developing within the county.