Garage fire in city causes about $100,000 in damages


Brooks Bulletin

Brooks First Responders were called to a garage fire in the 400 block of Second Street West in Brooks early Thursday afternoon that caused about $100,000 in damages.
Stewart Luchies, the county’s fire chief, said the homeowner saw smoke at about 1 p.m. and called 911.
Luchies said when he arrived at the fire he heard a lot of “popping and exploding” in the garage.
“We found tires, propane and MAPP gas cylinders. The electrical was compromised so we had electrical arcing happening,” he said.
Although Fortis Alberta attended the scene quickly to cut the power, the fire did spread to the back portion of the home and the attic where it was contained.
He said the garage will have to be replaced and the house, with the water and smoke damage probably has about $50,000 in damages.
Luchies said the investigation is concluded and though there was no evidence found, however, he does believe smoker’s material was the cause.
“My conclusion is that fire started on the couch in the garage,” he said.
Luchies and his firefighters were also tasked with investigating a nearby business to ensure there was no problem.