* From Bulletin files -1967… Friends in need are…


There is a family of man, wife and three youngsters in Sandusky, Ohio whom we imagine are grateful for the International Order of Lions clubs.
The family had been in Edmonton for the funeral of the husband’s mother. En route home they ran into trouble with their automobile which cost them $200 in a Calgary garage, almost all they had.
They arrived in Brooks—the farthest point they could make—penniless, hungry and discouraged. They had not been able to reach by phone the husband’s employer back in Ohio.
Desperate circumstances forced desperate measures and the husband sought assistance from two sources, one governmental and one church-affiliated, both without success.
He had no credit cards, did not belong to a lodge or service club, but he recalled how strong a member his father had been with the Lions Club when the latter was alive. So he got in touch with the local Lions.
Within a short time his family was installed in a motel overnight; they were given meals; they were given cash and sent on their way.
But before he left, the husband paid a call to The Bulletin to make certain that the kindness and generosity of Brooks Lions would not go unheeded.