Fifty-five per cent of respondents like new FAB Village site


155 surveys returned….

Brooks Bulletin

On Monday Bassano council gave first reading to a new bylaw to redesignate an area of land for the FAB (Future Adaptable Building) Village Square pilot project.
Following a loud outcry from residents in July who nixed council’s idea to put senior’s housing on the main street beside the community hall, council again turned to the public for their input asking them to select a location.
In August the town mailed 850 surveys to local and area mailboxes seeking input into four locations: 1st Street near the North Ball Diamonds, 6th Avenue near the BMX track, 6th Avenue Alley, Kinettes Park and 5A Avenue near the Bassano Hospital.
Of the 155 respondents, of which 154 were from the town and one was from the county, 55 per cent agreed that the land near the hospital would be appropriate.
One reason it was chosen is because of easy access to the medical clinic.
“It’s still close to residential development, it’s still close to the town and it can expand,” CAO Amanda Davis told council on Monday.
The 6th Avenue Alley was selected by 30 per cent of the respondents, 6th Avenue near the BMX track received nine per cent and 1st Street near the ball diamonds received four per cent.
Two per cent of the respondents were opposed to the project.
Davis said many of the responses addressed mobility issues and sidewalks which are items that have been discussed by council.
She said the comments in the survey included general comments including kudos to the town for the project.
Hearing the results of the survey council accepted Davis’ recommendation and gave first reading to the bylaw to rezone the property at 702 5A Avenue from residential manufactured home to public and institutional for the project. A public hearing will be held on Oct. 13 at 6 p.m.
Bassano’s land planner Madeleine Baldwin said the property can move further north if it is successful.
A second bylaw will be prepared to discharge the municipal reserve that is on the property.
Davis and FAB Village architect John Brown were expected to discuss the “Bassano Project redesign” with the Newell Foundation on Tuesday.
“The redesign was approved as a three-way cost share by the Town of Bassano, the Newell Foundation and the Health Foundation,” states Davis’s council presentation.