Eastbrook Elementary unveils new playground


carter bews
Brooks Bulletin

Students and parents were thrilled to witness the unveiling of the new Eastbrook Elementary playground.
“We are very excited. Excited it’s finished and excited for the kids,” said co-chair of the Eastbrook Playground Committee, Kallie Freimark.
She expressed her gratitude for the project’s completion.
“We are thankful to bring another park to the city of Brooks,” she said.
Dave Schaaf, board member of the Alberta Recycling Management Authority, surprised the audience when he announced that Alberta Recycling had made a generous donation.
“Alberta Recycling has donated $30,000 to be used towards construction of the playground,” he announced.
On top of Alberta Recycling’s contribution, GPI Outdoor Designs donated $1,850 to go towards the new playground.
Due to bad weather conditions, Freimark feared that the volunteer turn out would be lower than expected.
“It takes many hands to build a playground,” she said,
“Weather wise, our playground build was less than ideal. We were worried that we would not have as many volunteers as planned due to the inclement weather.”
But to Freimark’s surprise, many volunteers showed up as well as people who did not sign up.
“We had staff, parents, grandparents, maintenance crews and community members show up and work hard,” she said.
An important aspect of the new Eastbrook playground is that it offers interactive play areas for children with disabilities.
“We have components of the playground designed specifically for visual impairments, hearing impairments along with wheelchair accessibility and cozy cubbies for children on the Autism spectrum,” said Freimark.
Students will be able to break in the new park in the remaining weeks of the school year and during summer break.