Drastic measures might be required


Premier Jason Kenney’s foray into Quebec last week to try and convince people in that province to get on board and support Alberta’s pipelines obviously would be a tough sell. There is no question that, as Kenney pointed out, the economic, social and environmental record of Alberta’s industry speaks for itself when compared with that of OPEC dictatorships. How true.
But it boggles the mind that a great number of eastern Canadians would rather see oil imported from countries with more than dubious records in not only environmental stewardship but in the treatment of their own citizens. But that is the way it is.
Added to this is the environmental movement led by students and other activists who are calling for a week-long strike at the end of March. One of their demands is that Quebec kill all projects related to the exploration, exploitation or transportation of fossil fuels.
In Quebec, this group will have a lot of sway and should not be underestimated.
It should be noted, however, that the sheer hypocrisy exhibited by many Quebecers is disturbing.
As Kenney points out the number of gas-guzzling SUVs on the province’s roads, the breaking of fuel consumption records last year and increasing urban sprawl are doing nothing but increasing their demand for more Alberta and overseas oil.
As we have said here before, there is no doubt that we have to shift away from fossils fuels at some point in time. But that day is years away and the world will require our oil and especially natural gas to ease into the transition.
As Montreal columnist Allison Hanes recently wrote, “Quebec and Alberta have historically found common cause on many issues within the Canadian federation. But when it comes to the environment versus oil and gas, their differences may be irreconcilable.”
It seems to us there may be some ignorance on the part of some Quebecers, especially students, on just how important Alberta’s resources are to them, especially with regard to supporting their lifestyle.
Perhaps we should turn off the taps for a few days to get that point across.