Corporate Welfare in Canada


Editor, The Bulletin;
The net loss on the Canada government’s 2009 GM bailout package is somewhere in the neighbourhood of $5-billion. This is about $474,000 for each job at GM in Canada. And now, GM is eliminating the last of the 23,00 jobs they once had in Canada. All of these jobs are permanently lost to automation.
The total value of all government subsidies to business from 1981 to the spring of 2009 was $684 billion — $342.6 billion from Ottawa, $287 billion from the provinces and $54.2 billion from local governments. Instead of propping up numerous deadbeat corporations, this money could have been used to educate a more highly skilled and innovative workforce. There are countries that invest in their people by providing free advanced education. Economically successful countries.
We need to take a long hard look at our priorities in Canada. We have the greed is good Dragon and Shark Tank guy championing the conservative party, and we have the great pretender as our liberal Prime Minister who spends his time jetting around the world. We need some real leadership in Canada. Everyone in the house of commons knew Brian Mulcair was the only leader willing to do the hard work of getting us out of our economic rut.
Bassano, AB.