City wants to renew franchise agreement


Brooks Bulletin

City council gave first reading to renew the natural gas distribution system franchise agreement with Atco gas for another 20 years.
The agreement gives Atco exclusive rights within the city to operate and maintain the natural gas distribution as well as access to portions of roads and other municipally owned lands to operate and maintain the system.
“The agreement sets out the terms in which franchise fees, paid to the municipality for consideration, are calculated and governs the required process for municipalities to change the franchise fee rates,” states information presented to council by Shelley Thomas, the city’s finance manager.
The current franchise fee is 19.05 which is collected by the city and then charged to the customer by the company.
The city will apply to the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) for approval of the agreement.
When it is filed an ad by the commission will appear in The Bulletin and the public will be allowed to comment on the application.