VALLI – Dr. Victor E.O. “Ted” Valli


    VALLI – We are all saddened to learn of the death of Dr. Victor E.O. “Ted” Valli, who served with great distinction as the 5th Dean of our College of Veterinary Medicine from 1990 to 2001.
    I was fortunate to have served as a faculty member during most of Dean Valli’s tenure. Ted was a great storyteller, and his stories always started with a warm twinkle in his eye. He was very generous with his time and cared deeply about our students. When I think about passion, a long-standing memory for me is the joy that Ted conveyed while doing a bone marrow aspirate on a dairy cow suspected to have lymphosarcoma, or discussing a blood smear on a heifer with a lymphoproliferative disorder. Dean Valli was a world-renowned expert on the hematopoietic system of domestic animals and was a long-term contributor to the standard textbook Pathology of Domestic Animals. It is this textbook that he is holding for his portrait in our Deans Conference Room.
    Dr. Valli received a DVM degree from the University of Toronto as well as master’s and PhD degrees from Ontario Veterinary College, where he also chaired the Department of Pathology and served as Associate Dean of Research.
    During Dr. Valli’s time as Dean at the University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine, the college benefited from nearly $6 million in state funding through a new Venture Technology program. Both the Medical Scholars joint degree program and the Clinical Medicine PhD degree were established. He will be remembered for these outstanding accomplishments and so much more.
    He leaves a legacy of mentorship, unwavering commitment to students, and advancing veterinary medicine. His knowledge and scholarship, passion, experience, enthusiasm, and leadership make for a unique and compelling combination that inspired and influenced so many.
    “Ted Valli was a significant mentor of mine who was instrumental in my success. A classy guy, courageous administrator, and always gracious and welcoming. He loved life and people and will be dearly missed.” Joe DiPietro, President Emeritus, University of Tennessee.
    Dr. Larry Firkins, Associate Dean Public Engagement attributes his career growth to Dr. Valli. “Dean Valli was instrumental to my career and continued growth. He hired me and made it possible for me to obtain my MBA. I’m grateful for how he invested in me personally and regularly provided opportunities that demonstrated his faith in my abilities.”
    Dr. Valli fostered strong connections with the professional students by hosting welcome and graduation events in his home and by lecturing in histology. Dr. Anne M. Barger, clinical professor at the Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine and section head for Clinical Pathology in the college’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory fondly remembers his leadership, “He was such an enthusiastic teacher. He was funny, practical, and brilliant, a wicked combination for an educator.”
    In 2017, the American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP) bestowed its highest honor, Distinguished Member, on Dr. Victor E.O. “Ted” Valli for his contributions and exemplary manner to veterinary pathology.
    Service arrangements are pending and will be shared upon their release.