Bassano’s tiny homes could be lead-in to Foundation housing

Portable tiny home with wood siding in the back yard of a larger property.

Brooks Bulletin
Bassano council had a big discussion about the tiny home project that is proposed for the community.
Through the Palliser Economic Partnership the town received about $50,000 to hire a consultant to complete a tiny home feasibility study.
During a 30 minute discussion council came up with ideas and locations including an idea with merit.
“The Newell Foundation has a lovely piece of property that we’d like to build the hospital on and the seniors centre but it’s a lot of acres,” said Bassano mayor Ron Wickson.
Council considered a tiny home development for those who are waiting for a unit in the foundation’s Dr. Scott Apartments.
“The list of people wanting to move into Dr. Scott’s is extensive and we’re never able to provide for all those interested.”
The idea is building a tiny subdivision with about five ecofriendly, maybe off the grid, tiny cottages on the property that is slated for the Bassano project.
“It would be a nice entry point into the senior’s centre. Maybe this could be dovetailed with Newell Foundation’s project.”