Westland Acres addressing to include 190014


Brooks Bulletin

Westland Acres addresses will align with the county’s rural address system.
Last Thursday council voted unanimously to synchronize the addresses. Division 5 and 7 councillors Tracy Fyfe and Ellen Unruh were absent from the meeting.
In 2009 the county changed its addressing system to the ‘blue sign’ program to give people a civic rural address.
At that time street signs were removed from Westland Acres but the rural addressing wasn’t adhered to by about half the residents.
In a county survey of residents, 60.6 per cent responded to synchronize their mailing and municipal addresses.
Thirty-three out of 46 landowners responded.
Although some residents said it’s too difficult to remember or to teach young children a long address, another said it didn’t matter as long as it is consistent.
“As long as it’s one, I don’t care if it’s 20 digits long as long as it’s one address,” said resident Deb Heidmiller.
All residential addresses will contain the landowners house number, 190014 12th Street West, Brooks, Alberta and the postal code. It is possible a new code could be assigned.
Layne Johnson, the county’s corporate services director, said he is working with Canada Post on implementation details.
“Canada Post will be leading that process,” he said.
Eventually residents will need to register the address change with Canada Post but the Crown corporation won’t be ready to begin until ‘internal changes are made.
New new mailboxes will be installed at the entrance to Westland.
“There are many details to work out before Canada Post will be ready to launch new mailing addresses for Westland Acres residents,” he told The Bulletin.
In the meantime residents within the subdivision must put the correct house number on their home by May 1. If not they may be fined $250 under the county’s Municipal Addressing Bylaw.
Last year Debbie Perini, a resident of the subdivision told council she had four addresses and urged them to make it all consistent.
Division 6 councillor Kelly Christman said the county will look for other inconsistent rural addressing and take corrective steps.