The Colonization of Canada


Editor, The Bulletin;
I have voted for all political parties in Canada at some point in the past, based on whom I believed was the best person to lead our country. I do not like the party system we have for many reasons. I closely watched the debate between John Turner and Brian Mulroney in 1988. Canadians voted Mulroney into power. We should have listened to Turner describe the pitfalls of NAFTA. His prediction has come full circle with this “New-Nafta”. Here is what John Turner said:
“We built a country east, west and north, we built it with an infrastructure that deliberately resisted the continental parts of the United States. For 120 years we’ve done it. With one signature of a pen you [Brian Mulroney] would revert back, thrown us into the North influence of the United States that will reduce us to a colony of the United States”
Yesterday the President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, now 30 years later stated this about the new NAFTA (USMCA) deal:
“Canada must remember the lesson this turbulent period has provided: we must never again allow ourselves to be overly-dependent upon one trading partner. We must continue to diversify our markets to protect ourselves from capricious and unfair actions in the future.”
The Federal Conservative Party has now brought to light the fact that this deal allows, in essence, the USA to prevent Canada from entering into trade deals with other countries it chooses to call “None trade countries”. If this deal is ratified, Canada, by definition, will now be a colony of the United States.

Ken Riley,
Bassano, AB