Seventy-two ratepayers to lose free calcium application


Brooks Bulletin

About 72 ratepayers will no longer benefit from no-charge calcium under the county’s dust abatement program.
“We will be knocking 30 kilometres of dust abatement off the program,” said Mark Harbicht, the county’s director of municipal services.
The locations are near former aggregate pit haul routes. The county will continue to apply calcium on county aggregate haul routes for 100 meters in front of residences.
He told council on Thursday the new policy will save the county about $140,000.
Harbicht will be sending notices to the ratepayers to let them know they are no longer part of the approved program, meaning if they want calcium they will have to pay as per the policy.
“This is a review of where our haul routes are and where we experience safety issues around the intersections,” he said.
“We’re not talking about calcium in hamlets. We need some direction from your hamlet advisories,” he told council.
“We’re really trying to tone the program down to try and get it to something realistic.”
Reeve Molly Douglass said some people who have been receiving calcium at no charge should never have been getting it for free.
Residents wanting to receive calcium on 100 to 300 linear meters of gravel road will pay $2.30 per linear meter prior to the application deadline and $4.60 per linear meter after the deadline.