Potential problem with one partnership highway


Brooks Bulletin
ISL Engineering, the company responsible for the county-province highway paving projects, does not believe there will be challenges to defer the completion of paving Highways 873 or 535 and are now moving to the design engineering stage.
Mark Harbicht, the county’s director of municipal services, told council the contractor will get the tender packages prepared once the engineering is designed and send the documents to the province for approval. It’s unknown if the work will be tendered for the current construction season.
Although two of the highways seem to be OK, Highway 876 has drainage and wetland concerns.
“We got some valleys in there where the water just kind of sits,” he said.
Before that work can begin, approvals must be given by Alberta Environment under the Water Act.
“We don’t know the full extent that Environment is going to hold us on that but as we get through that process we will know and deal with the timing of 876 as it rolls out,” he said.
The county and the province entered into a 50-50 agreement to see the three highways paved. Paving will take place on Highway 873 from Kinbrook Provincial Park to Highway 36, Highway 535 between 873 to Tilley and Highway 876 from Highway 1 to Highway 544.