Paving finished between Lake Newell Provincial Park and Highway 36


Brooks Bulletin

With the Highway 873 and 535 paving projects between Lake Newell Provincial Park and Highway 36 and Highway 873 to Tilley now completed, county council will turn their attention to paving Highway 876 between Highway 1 and Highway 544 at Patricia giving motorists pavement to reach Dinosaur Provincial Park.
Last week Aecon Transportation finished the two highway projects, which has been a joint project with the province.
On Nov. 26 Volker Stevin Highways Ltd., which was awarded two bridge file tenders by the county on Oct. 25, began a culvert replacement and extension on Highway 876. The work has to be finished before the paving begins.
The tender is worth $799,260.
One of the bridge files is a three pipe structure that flows out of the south end of the Tilley B Reservoir. The second is a large diameter culvert.
Although the culvert does not need to be replaced it does need to be lengthened to accommodate the new road.
Geoff Tiffin, the county’s manager of engineering services, said both projects should be finished by Christmas.
The tender for grading, base and pavement on Highway 876 closed last week. It is expected to be awarded on Thursday.