Highway 873 paving could begin in mid-October


Brooks Bulletin

A little snow has not stopped Aecon Transportation from working on Highway 873 south of Kinbrook Island Provincial Park.
Mark Harbicht, the county’s director of municipal services said the work will continue as weather permits.
“There’s no discussion of winter shutdown yet,” he said.
Much of the road has been oiled and that means the first lift of asphalt will go down on much, if not all of the road.
The asphalt plant is going to be moved to the area on Oct. 17 with work starting on about Oct. 22.
It was to have moved last week but the poor weather conditions forced it to remain in Calgary.
“Their intention is to cover anything that has the final aggregate base that is coated in tack oil paved with one lift of asphalt, at least,” said Harbicht.
Aecon Transportation has signs posted stating they will have Highway 873 finished by the end of November.
Highway 875 is also to be paved.