Former CFLer Shea Emery to speak in connection with mental health conference


Brooks Bulletin

Two-time Grey Cup Champion Shea Emery will speak at the Rural Mental Health conference in Brooks next month.
The Canadian Football League veteran is the founder and CEO of WellMen Project, a men’s adventure club which aims to empower men to take the initiative in their own mental wellness.
In 2015 during his first game with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Emery suffered a concussion. The following year he announced his retirement after eight CFL seasons, which included the Roughriders, Toronto Agros and Montreal Alouettes.
Negative self-talk, isolation and an intensifying self-consciousness drew him back into a depressive state which he had known as an adolescent.
In early 2012 Emery answered his true calling: unmasking masculinity. He began using his platform in professional sport to share his story with youth, inspiring self-care and conversation concerning wellness and mental health.
Emery, 32, will speak about mental health, the stigma that surrounds it, what if feels like to be afraid to ask for help and how everyone can work together to take care of one another.
The conference takes place from Nov. 12 to Nov. 14 at Medicine Hat College in Brooks. Emery will speak at 7 p.m. on Nov. 12 at the Heritage Inn.
Tickets for both events can be purchased at