Dialysis is needed in Brooks


Editor, The Bulletin;
I am just so mad that people have generously donated almost $1 million for the dialysis machines to be put in Brooks. These machines would have been used by patients from Brooks but also from all neighboring communities.
This donated money was not allocated for nothing but those machines. It will be considered theft if it is used for anything else. My sister Teresa Holden is on dialysis three times a week. She had to move from her home that she was purchasing to be closer to the machines. She had to leave her pets, her home and her boyfriend.
She had to leave her grandson and not get to see him grow up the way she would if she lived in Brooks. She can’t come to many family functions because once again she has to stay close to that machine. She gets depressed and has almost died. Many patients travel three times a week and in the winter it sometimes will become life or death. To say there is not enough people that would use the machines it pure bull. To put that donated money in any other place is outright theft.
Broken promises–AHS knew from the start that this would never happen. To use the excuse there are no beds or rooms is bull–a whole ward was shut down and redone for those much needed offices.