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The world is changing
We, the human race, have soiled our nest. When things are changing there are always reactionaries, those whose vested interest in the status quo are threatened.
It does not matter what these lobbyists for the status quo think. The young people are already leading the changes. We are in the midst of a technological revolution led by the younger generation. The number of innovations in so many different aspects of human endeavors is well under way. Climate change deniers are simply ignorant of the facts.  Full Story >
We better get used to green
More NIMBY arguments--esthethics, environment, noise and health issues are brought up. All valid concerns but looking it through holistic management gives a broader picture by looking at the alternatives and opposing views.
The vast majority of Albertans have to look at stuff they may not enjoy. Most people live with constant noise and traffic and neighbours which is the result of someone else making a living. All aspects of our lifestyle either kills or deprives some wildlife of its existence. The health of everyone is affected by the environment and the lifestyle we have.  Full Story >
Consumers being gouged at the pump 

Christ the Redeemer tops provincial average results 

Landowner still upset even with changes to solar farm 

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