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County planning commission approves crematorium
Without much public opposition, the county’s municipal planning commission approved a development permit for a crematorium in an agricultural district in Division 10.
Last Thursday neighbours of the proposed business from the division and nearby Duchess attended the MPC meeting in support of the crematorium. Except for the closest neighbours to the business who are opposed, the majority of the concern was the lack of notification from the county.
The business will be owned and operated by Thom’s Funeral Home in Duchess and less than a mile from their existing business. The Thoms anticipate having the crematorium running in about three months.  Full Story >
County SDAB denies school in church
The county’s Subdivision and Development Appeal Board has refused an application to allow a 50-student school in the Old Colony Mennonite Church near Bassano.
The church members wanted to incorporate a homeschool within the church as it has in three other locations.
Last Friday the commission released its decision stating the application is refused based on reasons such as the school would be in an agricultural district. They determined they did not have enough information as to how the surrounding agricultural operations could be impacted.  Full Story >
Red lily beetle discovered in Brooks
A threat to gardens and green spaces has been discovered in Brooks.
The red lily beetle, which also trades under the names lilioceris lily, scarlet lily beetle and lily leaf beetle was discovered in Brooks last week by provincial insect research technologist Shelley Barkley.
“I received a call last week from an Eastbrook-area resident about the possibility. I have a large collection of lilies myself so I was doubly interested.”
Lily leaf beetles have a voracious appetite and can destroy healthy lily plants. Native lily and Fritillaria species, as well as ornamental varieties, are susceptible to red lily beetle infestation, however day lilies are not attacked by the pest.  Full Story >
Skateboard association debating park’s graffiti issue
Josiah Johnson, president of the Brooks Skateboard Association, is upset with the recent yellow spray painted graffiti at the skateboard park.
“It’s pretty sad. I think all the skateboarders are pretty sick of it, too,” he said.
Johnson believes the drawings are from bored kids.
“They come in, don’t have anything to do and just feel like they want to impress their friends. They draw dumb things and weird words, especially this last one because it was bright, neon yellow and pink. It just sucks,” he said.  Full Story >
Strathmore man to seek federal riding seat
Strathmore’s Rolly Ashdown officially stepped down as president of the Bow River Riding Conservative board to seek the nomination to lead the riding into the 2015 federal election.
It’s the same position that City of Brooks mayor Martin Shields is seeking.
Ashdown has been toying with the idea since last winter.
He has been in municipal politics for “some time” and believes he would be a good representative for the people of the riding.  Full Story >
Skateboard association debating park’s graffiti issue  

Strathmore man to seek federal riding seat 

County planning commission approves crematorium 

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