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Major awards presented to athlete and coach
Brooks Bulletin

Brooks Composite High School Buffalos football team had a player and coach recently presented with major awards.
The coaching staff of the Rangeland Football Conference chose Matthew Peterson as the league’s most valuable player and Braedon Cameron as coach of the year.
Peterson said it was an honor to be named MVP.
The grade 11 student has quietly gone about impressing coaches in the province.
Last year he was on the Alberta U16 team and last January was in Texas playing in the International Bowl.
Peterson also found a position on last July’s U18 Canada Cup team.
“It was football at its finest for me at least,” he said.
As for playing with the Buffalos, Peterson said he had a very good season that included him starting at middle linebacker which is a change from the running back position he held during the previous season.
He said playing linebacker was fun. This was something he did playing with the bantam Roadrunners.
Offensively, he rushed for over 800 yards while scoring six touchdowns.
Peterson said it was a lot of fun playing football because the players have known each other for years.
“It was a good year. We finally got a chance to make it to the championship game. It didn’t go the way we wanted but we are in provincials (played this past weekend in Brooks).”
The Buffalos lost some close games during the season but Peterson said this helped to motivate the players.
“We were tired of coming so close but not getting anything at the end,” he said.
Peterson has one more season of football at BCHS. He then hopes to play university football, study history and become a teacher.
He said he would love to earn a scholarship.
Braedon Cameron won coach of the year honors during his first full season as head coach. He served as an assistant coach for two years before this season.
He said it is an honour and nice to be recognized by the other coaches. On top of this, he would not have been recognized without the hard work of the players.
“It is definitely appreciated when you have teams like Crescent Heights and especially those guys over at Medicine Hat High who have been coaching for 25 plus years. Even with Hat High winning their fourth or fifth championship in a row, they are doing a good job too.”
Cameron is quick to point out this is a group coaching award. He said the Buffalos have four coaches: Adam Rajab, Jaret Hofer and Brennan Levie. All play important roles.
The coaching staff have all played football at some level. Cameron played for York University for five years, Rajab at Acadia for four years, Hofer post secondary football and Levie with the Calgary Colts.
As head coach, Cameron was responsible for the behind the scenes things like organizing games and player registration.
He said there were tiny things to take care of which added up to a busy plate.
He enjoyed serving as head coach and giving back to the kids from his own experience.
“It’s a good kind of busy to be in for sure.”
The team goal at the start of the season was to get to the championship. While the Buffalos fell short, they did make provincials.
When next season gets underway, the team can focus on winning a league championship.
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