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Trail to the lake would be great
 The establishment of a national trail system across the country was a huge undertaking that is not yet complete although several sections are now in use by Canadians. The move was hugely popular and several communities worked hard and fast to identify potential paths and get pieces built.
 For example, there is a paved pathway from Calgary to Strathmore that utilizes much of an irrigation canal bank; new sections now run from Canmore to Banff and several other sections are in the works.
 Whatever you might think of the plan, there is also a move to build a bike path from Jasper to the Columbia Icefields.
 While the City of Brooks has over the years constructed a path system that is hugely popular, sadly there is very little to nothing throughout the county.
 This is not because the county hasn’t proposed the idea. They have built a pathway along Young Road to their new building and plan to extend it to Lake Newell Resort.
 They have also discussed building a path to Lake Newell and have made overtures to a director of the Eastern Irrigation District for a land swap that would give all authority and responsibility for the path to the county.
  The EID, however, so far has not even dealt with the matter.
 During the summer months Highway 873 to the lake sees many people on bikes who must cling to a narrow shoulder in the face of heavy traffic.
 A pathway to the lake from the southeast part of Brooks would make this trek much safer for all bikers and even hikers.
 We are afraid if nothing is done, someone will be seriously hurt on that road.
 Perhaps the EID could get together with the county and make such a pathway a reality.
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