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Uplands School holds grade five Heritage Fair
Brooks Bulletin

Uplands School held its second annual Heritage Fair for grade five students last Wednesday.
The event is put on by Canada’s History Society and is open to any schools across Canada.
First place winners were Connor Materi and Parker Forrest for their project on the history of the Canadian flag. Second place went to Gracie McColl for her project on the history of the fur trade. Third place went out to Hasset Mekuria, Skylar Tong and Claire Knutson.
“They had a great display on the History of First Nations in Canada,” said teacher Danielle Van Herk.
Honourable mentions go out to Jenna Lyster and Tian Le, Colombe Kasaba and Kaly Weatherhead and Paola Tapia, Hailey Rommens, and Kaylee Bremner.
First, second and third place finishers will travel to Lethbridge May 6 for the Southern Alberta Heritage Fair at the Galt Museum.
Students from across Southern Alberta are competing for Heritage Excellence at the fair.
Students who receive Heritage Excellence at the SAHF will get selected for the Young Citizens Program where participants will create a short video about their Heritage Fair topic, much like an evening news report or short documentary film, said Van Herk. The videos are posted online and a public vote is held. Based on the voting and judging done by a national panel of judges, students from each province will be chosen to travel to Ottawa to attend the National History Forum.
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