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Parking at JBS Canada Centre is still an issue
Brooks Bulletin

Council committee members appear to favor diagonal parking at the JBS Canada Centre.
CAO Alan Martens said parking was something the city would discuss once the project was complete.
Handicap parking in the lot was put in temporarily until the city knew exactly what it was going to do with the parking lot, said Martens.
He said the city still has issues on the street with half tons still parking there and there is a question of whether something different will be done with the lines in the parking lot.
Having a loading zone on place for the new library location was also discussed.
Martens said in the past, public works has done some potential design drawings for work on lines in the parking lot by making them at a angle. These lines make it a lot easier for vehicles to get in and out but you lose a couple of parking stalls.
He added it just seems people do not want to park in the lots on the south side of the building.
Councillor Dan Klein said the city should be looking at angle parking and suggested making traffic one way in the parking lot. He suggested one entrance could be made for entrance and the other for the exit.
Klein said he would also hate to lose the current bus loading site because it will be essential for the library for shipping and receiving.
Councillor Bill Prentice said parking spaces are currently being lost because of motorists parking over the painted lines into the next space.
It was suggested the spaces be made wider.
He said the current spaces in the lot are too small.
Prentice also liked the idea of making the parking lot one way traffic.
Klein said it is only going to get worse once the facility is fully operational.
He suggested staff from all facilities should be encouraged to park farther away but Russ
Tanner, manager of recreation and facility services said since being completed, the vast majority of staff park either on the pool side or on the fieldhouse side.
Tanner also agreed that parking stalls were already being lost because of the way vehicles are parked and that parking should be angled, but questioned whether one entrance should be only for coming into the lot and the other for exiting.
He suggested one way traffic counter clockwise through the parking lot but still having an entrance and exit on the south side. The east side could be used to only gain access to the entrance.
Tanner said he also agreed leaving the current bus parking space next to the entrance as it is.
“It is a perfect area for them to unload and come right on the sidewalk and right into the building.”
City staff will now work on a design plan that includes parking for mothers to be and the handicapped. Once prepared, it will be brought back for approval by the council committee.
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Parking at JBS Canada Centre is still an issue 

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