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Uplands students enjoy working on school projects
Brooks Bulletin

Uplands School grade five students put together a variety of projects for the second annual Heritage Fair held last Wednesday.
Gracie McColl chose the history of the fur trade for her project.
She added on to a previous social studies project and ended up with a fort containing a fur trading post, blacksmith shop, long houses and a river running by the fort.
She started working on her project two weeks before the Heritage Fair and said it was a lot of fun.
“I really liked making the fort part of it.”
Paola Tapia, Kaylee Bremner and Hailey Rommens teamed up to do a First Nations project.
“We picked this project because we really wanted to learn more about the First Nations,” said Tapia.
They also chose the First Nations because they were the first people in Canada.
She said the trio researched information and then put what they learned into their own words.
“It was very interesting. I think the best part was making the bannock and displaying everything how it is,” said Tapia.
She said all three stayed after school to work on their project that took a lot of work.
With her parents coming from Newfoundland, the researching the history of the province was an easy choice for Emma Taylor.
Taylor spent more than a couple of weeks researching the history and learned that deer are originally from Newfoundland. This was the youngster’s first time working on a Heritage Fair project and she said she really enjoyed it. She said Social Studies is one of her favourite subjects.
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