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County to begin writing code of conduct
Brooks Bulletin

Wanting to take advantage of the councillors’ experience, administration will begin to develop a code of conduct as required under the Modernized Municipal Government Act (MMGA).
The municipal election will take place in October.
“I think we should start it now in case there is a large number of changes in the council,” said Division 10 councillor Lionel Juss.
Director of corporate services for the county, Layne Johnson said he will use other municipal codes as a template.
“There are a few jurisdictions in Alberta that have one,” he said.
Although a code is required, the government is not giving municipalities power to remove an elected official.
“Yes a code of conduct can place certain expectations on each member of council but even if those expectations are not met, you as a council do not have that ability to say, ‘you’re out’, said Johnson.
“If you have to find a way to reinforce, you’re in big trouble already,” said Division 3 councillor Anne Marie Philipsen.
“I guess we benefit in this council from what I consider to be people’s integrity.
“We can glean a lot of information from what we do ourselves. If there’s other information out there let’s put that into writing. I think that would be a great advantage,” said Division 8 councillor Brian de Jong.
In addition to council input the public must be involved with the document.
“There’s a number of different ways to provide an opportunity for the public to share their opinions on issues you value their feedback on,” he said.
The county is currently asking for opinions about chickens in residential areas.
“It is not only available on paper but also online or through email. You’re not limited to one particular way,” he said.
City of Brooks mayor Barry Morishita, who was in county chambers for a separate presentation, said the city is waiting for the AUMA before starting the code.
“Part of the work the AUMA (Alberta Urban Municipalities Association) with AAMDC (Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties) is to come up with a template for a code of conduct.
“Rather than spend a lot of money of our own to do it, we’re going to hopefully wait for the template to come out,” said Morishita.
County to begin writing code of conduct 

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