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Fire in EID yard
Brooks Bulletin

Tilley and Brooks firefighters were called to a grass fire in an Eastern Irrigation District yard site east of the Rolling Hills highway. The fire was caused by a torch at about 3:10 p.m. last Tuesday.
“Dispatch confirmed this was an accidental grass fire started from a welder’s spark,” said Tilley fire chief Patrick Fabian.
When the crew arrived on scene they found the fire was moving southeast so they knocked the front edge of it down while an EID backhoe was used to assist at the back edge of the fire. When the fire destroyed PVC pipe culverts, Fabian realized it was time to call Brooks for help.
“A hydrocarbon fire with that much fuel was going to require huge amounts of water,” he said.
While waiting for Brooks to respond, Tilley used foam to knock the fire down with amazing results.
“If we had been using just water we would have been using two engines and a tender unit to combat and extinguish the flames.”
Damage was contained to about 1.5 acres within a yard site and includes $5,000 to the PVC pipe.
Surplus infrastructure such as pipe, culverts and delivery gates are stored on the site.
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