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Just a few words... by Jon Nesbitt
After we realized the two vehicles we rented were actually for the week after we left, the rental company came up with a larger SUV we were able to rent for five days. Driving around busy Honolulu, with a very sunburned belly, was definitely off our list but we wanted to see the other side of the island where the big waves were coming in.
We stopped at a McDonalds’s restaurant for lunch and came across an enclosed horizontal elevator that transferred food from the main building to the little order shack outside. That was a first for all of us.
After lunch, we started on our journey to the Dole Plantation. This is where a miniature train was established to guide tourists around the fields and show them what was grown there, mostly pineapple.
The train ride lasted about half an hour and then we organized three teams to compete in the maze contest. Each team was given ten items to find in the maze and the first ones finished are the winners. My team lost but when you are walking a path through trees when it is 35 degrees, I didn’t expect to win.
We left the park and headed to the beach to enjoy the warm waters surrounded by sand.
The next day was going to be our snorkeling event at Hanauma Bay State Park. First, I had to stop at Costco and buy some snorkels and fins for my wife and I. I opened the package in the parking lot and put the plastic and cardboard in the garbage can. An elderly gentleman came up to me and told me not to put these items in the garbage because there was a recycling centre behind the store. I grabbed all the wrappings and drove to the back side and saw four huge piles of uniformly wrapped cardboard. We laid the cardboard pieces beside these bundles and set the plastic in the supplied garbage containers. I’m sure Hawaii is among the top when it comes to recycling but as a tourist we were unaware of locations.
Forty years ago Hanauma Bay was a beautiful beach with lots of coral near the shore where you could snorkel with the fish for hours. That part is still the same except you have to sit through a half hour movie explaining how this area was formed and why you shouldn’t feed the fish.
The walk down to the beach is about a quarter mile but miniature busses are available for the journey. We walked down but because we were so tired, we rode up. It’s amazing how well the area is protected so the sea life is not affected by human activity. Later on in the day we boated out past the reef and swam with the turtles. They’ve been taken off the endangered list but we tried to keep our distance anyways.
The last few days we enjoyed on the island were fantastic, hot sun, warm sand and people that seemed genuinely concerned about your wellbeing.
When we checked our bags for the ride home, my bag was free but I had to pay eighteen dollars for my wife’s luggage. That didn’t seem right to me because we were obviously on two separate tickets. I was too tired to argue and even though our flight was leaving at ten p.m. (3:00 a.m. Brook’s time), I knew I’d sleep for at least five hours on the way home.
Other than losing our parking ticket that let us know where our vehicle was parked in Calgary, this trip was fantastic.
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