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Just a few words... by Jon Nesbitt
During my days of doing absolutely nothing, I am obligated to accompany my wife on her business trips as well as follow her on her few days off.
She attended the annual buying trip in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago and I was invited to carry her suitcases.
The cab ride from the airport was very educational if you wanted to know everything about India in half an hour. Actually now that I heard it first hand I am putting it on my “places to go map.”
She was on a buying spree for most of the two days we were there so I entertained myself by walking around the city. On my agenda was to find a movie theatre where we could go to the show and I could have my “fix” of buttered popcorn. I secured a map and location from the bellhop and headed down the main street looking for a theatre. After walking for half an hour and only recognizing the main avenue I realized the map was upside down. I had been going in the wrong direction. My excuse for this is that it was raining and cloudy and I had no idea which way I was walking. I received directions from a doorman who told me to turn right where the Matry Oshka (Russian Dolls) were on sale and walk five blocks where I would find the cinemas.
The next day I joined my wife to her buying arena where I was bored out of my mind. I slipped over to the Home Depot where I walked the aisles for half an hour not really wanting to buy anything but enjoying the few conversations I was having with other shoppers.
I went back to take my wife for lunch and as we walked through the doorway we were greeted by the waitress that said “Welcome ladies!”
At first I was confused because I have a mustache and although I have a big chest, it’s not women sized. Then she apologized because she didn’t see my face and assumed it was two ladies. I just left it at that.
I could hardly wait for this day to be over because in the morning we were flying to Hawaii where the kids were waiting for us. I have to admit, air miles are great when it comes to holidays. We received flights and accommodations just for having an air mile card. Of course I don’t have a card but my wife does which she uses for buying products. I have a debit card and there’s $386.00 in the account. I’ll show you next week how long that lasted in Hawaii.

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