Applicant withdraws request for race car training facility


Brooks Bulletin

After learning of his neighbours’ concerns about noise and dust a resident has withdrawn his development application.
Dallas Sinclair withdrew Liberty Trucking’s application for a training facility for racing vehicles on the Liberty Trucking land on Highway 550 near Duchess.
Speaking on behalf of himself and the company, Sinclair told county MPC members the application would not have been filed had he known there were concerns.
“Had I not been informed by the county of the complaints coming in I would have no idea there was an issue.”
He said he’s always tried to conduct business peacefully and as a good neighbour.
“I’ve always tried to be reasonable and make myself approachable in all I do. After reading these letters I see I’ve failed to do that,” he read from a prepared statement.
“When I read the words ‘unreasonable, unbearable, unacceptable,’ I feel that reflects back on Liberty Trucking as a business and as a neighbour and that bothers me.”
Last fall rally training events and an auction were held on site but without company supervision and without hearing concerns.
He believed, at the time, there should have been a water truck for dust control because from his understanding the dust was excessive.
“I am thankful that the county has a process in place to deal with this, but I can’t help but think some of these issues could have been handled better at a neighbourly level.”
Turning to the Duchess residents who attended the county MPC meeting, he apologized.
“On behalf of Liberty Trucking I’m very sorry for ruining your weekend. And therefore, understanding now the resentment the neighbours hold against us I have no further interest in pursuing this venture.
I would like to withdraw the application for a vehicle training facility.”
A second application from Liberty Trucking for auctions was approved by the MPC.
The company can allow someone two weeks to set up, two days for the auction and one week for all items to be cleared from the lot.