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14th annual Medieval Faire wraps up
The weather was a bit windy on Sunday, forcing a scissor lift to hold up the entrance castle, but otherwise it was a great weekend at the 14th annual Medieval Faire.
It’s estimated that 5,000 people passed through the gates during the two day event, including Rebecca Burlington from Cayley.
Burlington stopped Faire chairperson Barb Matson to thank her and the committee for the event and all the hard work.
“Thank you very much,” she said to Matson.  Full Story >
County department heads, council begin budget meetings
Forecasting assessment and taxes, priority roads for the next 20 years and the rural water system were all part of the county’s pre-budget discussions last Wednesday.
County department heads were encouraged to discuss with council any type of future project.
“If there’s new priorities or service level changes now is the time to discuss those,” said Matt Fenske, county finance manager.
Early planning meetings are held so staff can prepare a draft budget that reflects the direction of elected officials and residents instead of preparing a presumptuous document for council.  Full Story >
Fildebrandt will not seek leadership for United Conservative Party
Derek Fildebrandt will not seek the leadership of the United Conservative Party.
The Strathmore-Brooks MLA made the announcement at a press conference last week.
He told The Bulletin he has been travelling the province and living out of a suitcase for two years as he tried to build support for unification of the Progressive Conservatives and Wildrose Party members.
“Now that we finally got it, frankly, I’m a bit tired.”  Full Story >
Fire officials urge everyone to butt out inside
The extremely dry conditions helped to fuel two fires in the county over the weekend and fire officials are urging everyone to keep their butts inside their vehicles.
Last Friday afternoon 15 acres of land were burned along Range Road 15-0 near Cassils Road and on Sunday an area of grass was lost in a ditch on the west side of Highway 36 south of Rainier.
County fire chief Keith Martin said the Rainier fire destroyed an area of grass about 300 feet.
“The fire cause is undetermined officially, most likely though, someone was discarding smoker’s material,” he said.
Brooks deputy fire chief Stewart Luchies said while the cause of the fire along Range Road 15-0 is also difficult to determine, he found many cigarette butts and other smoker’s materials along the edge of the burn.  Full Story >
Kids books needed
Brooks Bulletin

Physicians’ offices and the Brooks Health Centre are collecting books in memory of Dr. Piet Hancke for King’s College Primary School in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa.
The books will be collected until Aug. 25.
Organizers are asking for donations of gently used books for children between the ages of 7-13.
Dr. Hancke, who grew up in South Africa, passed away suddenly in June at the age of 64.  Full Story >
Wildrose, PCs select members for interim Strathmore-Brooks UCP board
The final Strathmore-Brooks Wildrose Party constituency association meeting was held in Bassano last Tuesday to choose 15 members to join 15 Progressive Conservative members and Strathmore-Brooks MLA Derek Fildebrandt to form the riding’s interim United Conservative Party constituency association.
Now known as legacy parties, members of both Wildrose and PC parties across the province are forming new constituency associations as a result of the votes to merge the parties into the United Conservative Party.  Full Story >
Kids books needed 

Fildebrandt will not seek leadership for United Conservative Party 

County department heads, council begin budget meetings 

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