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Bassano water to increase 20-cents per cubic meter
Sandra M. Stanway
Brooks Bulletin

Newell Regional Services Corporation (NRSC) will increase their water rate for delivery to municipalities on Jan. 1 which has prompted the Town of Bassano to create a bylaw to increase their water rates. The cost of water from NRSC will increase five-cents per cubic meter to 70-cents.
Bassano residents could see an increase to $1.05 per cubic meter from the current price of 85-cents, which is one of the lowest water prices in the region.
“The board of directors have carefully reviewed the current financial data and proposed expenses for 2015 taking into account amortization and capital projects in the future,” general manager Ralph Havinga wrote in a letter to the region’s CAOs.
Bassano councillor Doug Barlow said the town is only billing half of what is used.
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Cab company responds to allegations of assault
In response to a claim that a woman was assaulted outside a locked taxi in 2012, a Statement of Defence has been filed by Jason Levy as Jay’s City Taxi.
Last month Lorrie Scherger filed her claim that she was assaulted outside a locked taxi and is suing City Taxi for $920,000 in damages.
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Collaboration and cooperation helps DVIT team be successful
Over the past three years awareness of domestic violence in Brooks has increased while police files have decreased.
The change can be credited to the Domestic Violence Intervention Team (DVIT).
November is Family Violence Awareness Month and it’s a time to raise awareness of what is going on around us.  Full Story >
No turkey in bins please
The City of Brooks will be running a pilot program for cardboard recycling over the holidays this year.
The decision was made at council committee on Wednesday.
City representative on EcoBrooks Tony Diep said the move is a modification of an EcoBrooks request made last year.
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Suffield elk tag program will likely increase in 2015
It’s likely next year’s elk hunt on Canadian Forces Base Suffield will see more than the allotted 660 tags that were issued this year.
The 7,000 estimated elk are a problem for 48 neighbouring landowners and the base itself, destroying fencing and crops.  Full Story >
No turkey in bins please 

Collaboration and cooperation helps DVIT team be successful 

Bassano water to increase 20-cents per cubic meter 

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