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Farm worker coverage was long overdue
Nearly 100 years of waiting for the most basic workplace rights is enough.
Decades of deaths and injuries on farms without investigation, without compensation for the workers, or their widows and orphans, is enough.
Decades of being unable to refuse unsafe work is enough.
Decades of being paid only a few dollars an hour, far below the minimum wage, for dangerous work, of being denied overtime and vacation pay is enough.  Full Story >
Financial impact of Bill 6 will be horrendous
Bill 6 needs to be withdrawn. The proposed changes are going to impact all of us in this province negatively because we all need agriculture to sustain ourselves.
As we all know, the political landscape in this province is that the governing body, an ideological driven NDP, was elected by urban citizens. Of that body, not one derives their income from agriculture. They have brought forward Bill 6 under the guise of safety.   Full Story >
Fix the elevator
 That is pretty pathetic that their elevator is not fixed. They take their money but do not make sure our seniors have the ease of going downstairs or to leave the building safely. Seniors falling down the stairs will end up with broken bones or worse.
Seniors should be treated with respect and that they matter. Fix the elevator.   Full Story >
Kudos to the city
Editor, The Bulletin;
 We would like to say a special thank you to the city for keeping our pathways at Evergreen Park clear making it ideal for walking.
 It really does help promote outdoor exercise and with the snow cleared, it is much safer to walk on. With our appreciation.

Brooks, AB.

  Full Story >
NDP should listen to farm families
Family farming is a way of life in Alberta. It is intrinsic to the fabric of our rural communities, and has been for more than 100 years.
I can also tell you from experience that nobody cares more about the safety of farms than the moms and dads who live there. Farm workers are more than employees, they are friends, neighbors, and in many cases family.
One of the most enduring values of rural life is our commitment to take care of each other. It’s just one of the things that make rural Alberta truly unique.  Full Story >
Proof of government deliberate disinformation
Can we trust our politicians? Apparently not. During the recent election campaign the Finance Minister in the Harper government made untrue statements about the Canadian economy, apparently an attempt to garner votes. He stated that Canada was not in a recession, but in fact we are in a recession. He stated there was a $5 billion government surplus this year, which not true. Today’s media headline states:
“A deteriorating economy has scuttled projections of a balanced budget in this fiscal year with the Liberal government forecasting a $3-billion deficit for 2015-16 even before it acts on some of its spending plans.”, November 20, 2015.  Full Story >
Farmers, ranchers against Bill 6 

Festival of Trees rated a success despite economy 

Area drinking water is safe, says GM of NRSC 

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