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Good luck Jason
I will support Jason Hale whatever his decision will be. Jason has been the best MLA we have had since Fred Mandeville.
Jason has worked very hard for all the constituents and has earned the respect of many other MLAs in the province. I think many people in Alberta forget why the Wildrose party was formed; it was because of leaders like Ed Stelmach and Alison Redford, who forgot their conservative values.
Jason saw the leadership in Jim Prentice and did the right thing for the right reasons.  Full Story >
No dictatorship in Canada
In last week’s letter to the editor (Who are the terrorists?) the writer claims that our government is engaged with terrorism on the citizens of Canada. Does this writer truly understand what terrorism and dictatorship means to all of us? These people will kill anyone, anywhere, anytime in the most barbaric way possible, even one of their own.  Full Story >
Progressive tax needed
Once again Premier Prentice is insisting that the public believes that the public sector workers are to be the ones to be held responsible to pay through the nose for the PC government’s hog at the trough actions. Prentice is insisting that public sector wage increases over all public sectors are responsible for $2.6 billion when in fact it is only $43.7 million, nowhere close to Prentice’s misrepresentation of the figures.  Full Story >
PC nomination opens in Strathmore-Brooks riding 

Bulldogs give all but season comes to end 

Prairie Thunder girls advance in playoffs 

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