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Canada’s long term economy about to burst?
Editor, The Bulletin;
  If you do a search on YouTube for the 1988 debate between John Turner and Brian Mulroney and listen to Turner, you will begin to understand that his prophecy about the loss of Canada’s sustainability with the implementation of the Mulroney North American Free Trade Agreement is here. Mel Hurtig and his book “The Truth About Canada” is based on his two year study of economic statistics published by Statistics Canada.  Full Story >
What a scenic view!
Hats off to the E.I.D. for the work they have done south of the railway tracks. It totally cleaned up the view to the south from downtown. I came out of the Dollar Store and was overwhelmed by the view. Look south of Veterans’ Park over the railway tracks and you can’t miss it—clear flowing view, rock water fall and a flowing slope.
We are one of the few cities that can still enjoy the history of seeing the trains going through town. My family was lucky enough in the seventies to ride the train from Brooks to Prince Edward Island and also another trip to Vancouver, B.C.—no line-ups, just go into the train station and buy your ticket and wait for the train to pick you up.  Full Story >
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