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Bikes stolen, thefts from vehicles reported
Brooks RCMP remind everyone the warm temperatures mean it is the time of year when thefts begin to rise.
“Springtime comes, more people are riding bikes, there’s more bikes out so in April there were three reports of bicycles stolen,” said Sgt.Chris Zanidean.
“It’s the time of year. It’s on the rise.”
He said the RCMP will be at the upcoming bike rodeos “to tell the kids to lock their bikes, record the serial number so they have it.”  Full Story >
City council approves recreation software
City council approved the bid for new recreation software worth $186,000.
The bid from Intelligenz Solutions, was one of six submitted to the city in a process that recently closed and was the second highest bid.
The highest bid was $377,263 while the lowest was $95,099.  Full Story >
Leaders reach agreement in principle to unite conservatives
The Alberta Progressive Conservatives and Wildrose parties signed an agreement-in-principle last Thursday to form the United Conservative Party (UC).
The agreement has to be ratified by all party members on July 22. Seventy-five per cent of Wildrose and 50 per cent of PC members are needed to ratify the agreement.
“It’s about unifying conservatives. It cannot be based on a principle of gaining power for power’s sake. It must be about more than that,” said Wildrose leader Brian Jean during a press conference in Edmonton.
To struggling Albertans PC Party leader Jason Kenney said, “Help is on the way and hope is on the horizon.”  Full Story >
Makerspace could close social gaps, says SPEC executive director
Scott Berry, executive director of the SPEC Association is trying to reach an early goal to not only have a physical Makerspace in Brooks but also a ‘magic bus’ by the fall.
Makerspace, or as they are also known within technological circles as FabLab, Techshop or hackerspace, is an area where anyone can develop and create technology in a hands-on environment.
As technology continues to grow at an exponential rate and is expected to replace many of today’s jobs, the makerspace fad continues to rapidly grow around the world.  Full Story >
More issues than seniors
With regard to the editorial regarding aging seniors I think there are always two sides to every story and I think a lot of younger people have had to lean on aging seniors for help looking after their children and for money to get a house, pay debt or take in family members who are ill or lost their employment or their homes.
How many seniors volunteer? Of course aging seniors will need help but so does everyone else and seniors have helped and done their share and still contribute. Seniors are a valuable resource to this world. The news seems to take a class of people and make it sound like they take so much which makes people resent them like the refugees for one. Articles like this just seem to me to build resentment and anger due to family break ups. I think that is a lot of the reason why people’s needs are neglected.  Full Story >
Uplands School students win excellence awards
Three Uplands School grade five students recently received awards of excellence from the Southern Alberta Regional Historical Fair in Lethbridge.
Skylar Tong, Hasset Mekuria and Claire Knutson advanced to Lethbridge after placing second at their school Heritage Fair.
Second-year Uplands School teacher Danielle Van Herk came up with the idea of holding a Heritage Fair last year.  Full Story >
Bandits dropped at RBC by Cobourg Cougars 

Bikes stolen, thefts from vehicles reported 

Olds Grizzlys may not operate next season 

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