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Is Trudeau fit to lead?
 Is Justin Trudeau experienced enough to lead Canada on the International political stage?
 For instance, do we engage leaders of foreign countries who do not believe in Canada’s principles of democracy, freedom of the press and the right of individuals. It would seem that Prime Minister Harper has it right in this regard. He has taken a tougher stance against countries such as Russia, Syria and especially Iran.
 P.M. Harper believes that by promoting dialogue with these countries, we would be legitimizing these regimes. Trudeau, as he himself said, would still communicate with bad regimes.  Full Story >
Leave scavengers alone
Why are we talking about charging the people who go through our trash for items they find useful? Are they hurting anyone?
Our daughter lived in a nice section of downtown Vancouver for a few years. She was careful to leave cans and bottles beside the dumpster, rather than inside, so the street people could collect the refund. As well, she separated edible items from gross trash for the “dumpster divers.”
As long as these scavengers are not making a mess, what harm are they? Unsightly, perhaps? Have you seen how some other people dress?  Full Story >
Regarding scavengers
 Do not blame the pickers. I moved back to Brooks October ‘09. Pickers have gone through the bins but here in my alley have always put garbage back into the bins - even the garbage already on the ground.
 For dirty alleys, blame the owners (renters). Next to me the apartment is owned by someone in Medicine Hat. He has more than one apartment and as long as he gets his money he doesn’t give a darn about anything else. By-law officers know him very well on sidewalks and lawns, there are thousands of cigarette butts thrown outside front doors and off balconies some ending up in my yard and garden from renters plus other garbage just tossed and thrown.  Full Story >
Cow killed by gun shot could be connected to area shootings 

Sparks from a welder and burning barrel likely to blame for separate fires 

Income tax scammers calling 

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