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Crosswalk signs not working
What is the purpose of the large yellow crosswalk signs that have been put up in town? I ask this question with a hint of sarcasm. I have witnessed countless times the lack of attention drivers pay to the crosswalk signs when there are pedestrians waiting to cross.
Today was the icing on the cake. I was at the intersection south of Brooks Motor Products, beside their car lot, waiting to get onto 2nd. There was a young girl waiting at the crosswalk on the west side of the road. I counted 12 vehicles that drove through that crosswalk with no intent of stopping to allow her to cross.   Full Story >
The botched Elk hunt at Suffield base
Some call it mismanagement, some call it discrimination, whatever it is, it has left an awful sour, bitter taste in a lot of sportsman’s mouths. For the third year now, there have been quota licences issued to reduce the cow elk herd inside the base.
No licences for bulls, only cows. However, a treaty signed well over one hundred years ago, I believe in the 1870s, allows the Indians to sustenance hunt year round. I am referring to the word Indian, only because the newly elected national chief, Perry Bellegarde, refers to Canada as Indian Land.  Full Story >
Turncoat Hale deserted his people
Editor, The Bulletin;
Re: “Hello my friends” by Jason Hale. With a friend like Hale who needs enemies! How could you do this to the people who worked so hard to get you elected as a candidate for Wildrose and all those people who voted for you (including myself) in the last election? In a democracy, it is by the people for the people. You truly are a turncoat to democracy.
 Premier Prentice, who I believe is a dictator, wants to spend taxpayers’ dollars for an early election. Why? That is a waste of taxpayer’s dollars as the Conservatives have a majority; and if they follow the rules, it is to be held in 2016.  Full Story >
No panic so far in oil patch 

Bandits set for weekend series versus Kodiaks 

Persons crimes and domestics trend downward to end 2015 

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