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A look back... by JAMIE NESBITT - Bulletin Editor

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Bouquet may be hiding thorns- NATIONAL AFFAIRS by Chantal Hébert
In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Donald Trump handed Justin Trudeau the rose he coveted on Monday in Washington. Like all roses, it comes with thorns. Only time will tell whether those thorns matter more than the flower itself.
Until then, the first face-to-face meeting between the prime minister and his new counterpart in the White House can be said to have gone about as well as could be expected. That’s not just because the two did not wrestle each other to the ground over the course of not one but two handshakes.
Trudeau got what he most wanted in the shape of a statement straight from the horse’s mouth that when it comes to improving the American economy, Trump mostly sees trade with Canada as part of the solution.   Full Story >
Gwynne Dyer -The Maniac in Pyongyang
“This guy, he’s like a maniac, OK? He wiped out the uncle. He wiped out this one, that one. I mean, this guy doesn’t play games. And we can’t play games with him. Because he really does have missiles. And he really does have nukes.”
So spoke President Donald Trump in Iowa in January. North Korea flight-tested a ballistic missile on Saturday night that landed off Japan’s west coast, so what will he do now? What can he do? And is North Korea’s 33-year-old dictator, Kim Jong-un, really a maniac?
South Korea’s foreign ministry certainly thinks so: “North Korea’s repeated provocations show the Kim Jong-un regime’s nature of irrationality, maniacally obsessed in its nuclear and missile development.” The same word was used a great deal after North Korea tested nuclear weapons in January and September of last year.  Full Story >
Just a few words... by Jon Nesbitt
HERE I GO AGAIN  Full Story >
Sports by Bruce Penton
You! be the Judge
Sexting In
School?  Full Story >
MPC says no to 10th liquor store 

Bassano walk proves positive 

SJC Crusaders advance in basketball playoffs 

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