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Bob Scammell – Alberta Outdoors
I can’t remember when we last had doggier dog days than these.
In years past I knew they were coming when, while mid-July night fishing during the Hex hatch, the last big aquatic insect hatch of the summer, I’d notice, to the north west, the brightest star in the night sky. That was Sirius, the Dog Star, thought by the ancient Romans to be the cause of the evil, hot time from July 24th to August 24th when the seas boiled and dogs went mad, etc.
Well, I’m not so sure about that part, but in many dog days years I knew that creatures became languid, because Herself and I did, too, and our dogs would not come out from the cool under their houses. Worse, in bright, scorching weather like we have had lately the trout generally doze in the deepest, darkest, coolest shade and anglers often flee to the high country or to the west coast.
Of the dog days fleers so far this year, the most extreme is a former night and float fishing good buddy who is off to Mongolia, between China and Russia, for two weeks of fly fishing for grayling, lenok, and taimen. More, later, we hope, with pictures.  Full Story >
Just a few words... by Jon Nesbitt
Tuesday, August 12 – Janice Scholze
Ike Schroeder
Thursday, August 14 – Deb Solberg
Connie Martens
Friday, August 15 – Ella Unruh
Sunday, August 17 – Lucreta Barry
Monday, August 18 – Shauna Armstrong
Melissa Weirmeir
Tuesday, August 19 – Lucie Goodheart  Full Story >
Life as I know it! by Colleen Crawford
They say talk is cheap and perhaps ‘they’ are right because sometimes talking (or writing) has been the only affordable thing for me to do. What ‘they’ don’t say is that words are priceless.
I am in the enviable position of collecting memories for my dad’s family’s Book of Memories. Not only have I been on the receiving end of listening to my dad’s brothers talk about their childhood memories, their parents and grandparents, but I have been collecting tidbits from anyone who cares to share them, to round out our family’s story.  Full Story >
Picked up in passing by JAMIE NESBITT - Bulletin Editor
Brooks Bulletin, January 19, 1939—Formation of a central co-operative with branches in every community of the Eastern Irrigation District was the proposal put forth to over 200 farmers in Brooks Tuesday afternoon by Phil Duby, chairman of a committee named last fall to investigate co-operative activities. The first suggested aim of the new organization would be the obtaining of a meat packing plant for the district with other industries to follow.  Full Story >
Scotland referendum impedes PQ agenda - NATIONAL AFFAIRS byCHANTAL HEBERT
Until the Parti Québécois was defeated in April, Scotland’s Sept. 18 referendum on independence loomed large on the sovereignty calendar.
From the moment it was scheduled, PQ strategists believed the Scottish campaign - coming as they thought it would at the dawn of a majority mandate for their party - would put sovereignty back on the Quebec radar.
It might have accomplished that, but almost certainly not in the way that the sovereigntist brain trust hoped for.  Full Story >
Sports Talk by Bruce Parker
 This summer has flown by quickly and I am starting to prepare myself for all the fall sports activities that will soon be taking place.
 Hockey fans will soon be in their element when the Brooks Bandits take to the ice beginning Friday.
 While it may seem to some that the season just ended, it is far from the case. Players no doubt have enjoyed their time off from the sport although athletes in high end sports cannot afford to take too much time off from keeping fit if they hope to continue playing with teams such as the Bandits.
 It will be interesting to see just what type of team the Bandits will have this season considering the roster will have many new faces. While familiar names such as Shane Bear will be in the lineup, he will be joined by other individuals who fans know little about.  Full Story >
Medieval faire crowd tops 6,000 people 

Another hail storm causes damages to crops and homes 

Fire code issues force hotel closure 

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