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Tories’ copyright plan pure partisan politics - NATIONAL AFFAIRS byCHANTAL HEBERT
By now, we’re inured to the campaign against the “media elites,” the fundraising appeals that all but paint journalists as official enemies of the state, the failed experiment of the prime minister’s own propaganda network.
But now Stephen Harper and his heritage minister are flinging around accusations of media censorship. The very term chills. It shouldn’t be so easily tossed out in a democracy, certainly not from our leaders.  Full Story >
Bob Scammell – Alberta Outdoors
If only I was able to do the rough-ground walking involved in hunting wild pheasants, I’d be sleepless at the prospects of a vintage pheasant season starting Oct. 15th in the best of Alberta’s upland bird country.
Rick Martin, Wildlife Projects Manager for the Eastern Irrigation District at Brooks, tells me that brood counts on key upland species are the best since 2008: pheasants up 25% from last year, Hungarian partridge, up 46%, and sharp tail grouse up an amazing and unexplainable 145%. Pronghorn hunters are reporting huge coveys of sharp tails.   Full Story >
Just a few words... by Jon Nesbitt
Wednesday, October 15 – Jim Green
Herb Fehr
Thursday, October 16 – Johnny Charlton
Mya Lyster
Saturday, April 18 – Maxine Charlton
Sunday, October 19 – Carol Perry
Clint Hendrickson
Tuesday, October 21 – Christine Ring
Channing Davis  Full Story >
Life as I know it! by Colleen Crawford
Six years ago, I took my first tentative steps out of my comfort zone and offered to collect and assemble memories for my dad’s family. Six years later, they have all come together and are assembled in a format which will soon become a book.  Full Story >
Picked up in passing by JAMIE NESBITT - Bulletin Editor
Election on Tuesday next; mayor
and three councilors to be elected  Full Story >
Sports Talk by Bruce Parker
You have to hand it to all the participants in the 10th annual Grasslands Cross Country run around Lake Stafford last Thursday.
 The weather conditions were less than ideal with a temperature under 10 degrees and a stiff cold wind. Just waiting for the opportunity to take part was likely challenging as staying warm was anything but easy. One young lady from Bassano, Sarah Singular, was well prepared for the weather by wrapping a blanket around her and wearing a toque.
  Full Story >
United Way to stop funding dairy program at Brooks Food Bank  

Business owner concerned about vehicle sales event 

Grasslands, Francophones team up for Eastbrook expansion 

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